FULL Stack Software Developer

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I provide web application development support for business applications large (established companies) and small (startups) for all sizes of glass (mobile, tablet, laptop, and up...). I can provide the necessary support your business application needs when you need it.

Why choose my services?

  • I have experience maintaining US National Security mainframe systems.
  • Professional, personal handling of your programming needs.
  • I am passionate about what I do.
  • I spend several hours every week staying up to date on the latest programming technologies.

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Consulting Services

  • Feasibility Studies - Be in touch if you want to know if your software is worth building? Let's do a post mortem on the idea together before spending money on development.
  • Budget Analysis - Software development is costly. Be in touch and together let's figure out how to manage development costs.
  • Project Management - Be in touch and let's collaborate together to get the job done the way you conceptualize it.
  • Web Programming by W3C Standards - Let your development begin with best practices in mind.
  • Web Application Development - You are in good hands when you delegate the development work to me.
  • Database Programming - Have some complex data needs? Be in touch as I have the database chops you seek to do the heavy lifting.
  • Hosting Solutions Consulting - Be in touch to find out what your options are for hosting in todays competitive hosting environment.
  • Internet Security Consulting - Be in touch if you want to provide proper protection to an existing application, or you need to recover a hacked application.
  • Code/Data Management - Be in touch to get your systems configured for managing some worst case scenarios.

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Technologies Used

  • Programming languages: Primarily I do full Javascript development for both frontend (React) and backend (NodeJS). I also have 10+ years experience with PHP. I have also worked on some Angular 5+ projects.
  • Databases: I have extensive PL/SQL and DBA experience in MySQL. I also use MongoDB, DynamoDB, or ElasticSearch depending on the need.
  • Operating Systems: I have extensive experience using Ubuntu with Apache2 and NGINX.I have also developed on Centos, Debian, and Windows.
  • Hosting Services: I have extensive experience setting up and configuring servers using various cloud service providers, predominantly, but not solely Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Other: If you use a technology that I have not mentioned above I can easily spin up in said area and get rolling with whatever tasks you need to get done.

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My LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/profinder/pro/howardkovacs